• Foto: Arne Røed Simonsen

    The Norwegian Business and Industry Security Council (NSR)

    Is a member organization that serves the Norwegian business sector in an advisory capacity on matters relating to crime. NSR helps companies that need advice and counselling regarding industrial espionage, sabotage, narcotics, theft, terrorism, organized crime, fraud, extortion, corruption, computer criminality, and more. In addition to individual counseling, NSR holds courses and seminars on current affairs relating to the security of your business. NSR represent a link between businesses, the police and security authorities, and is a valuable network for all sectors of Norwegian business.

Næringslivets Sikkerhetsråd | Postboks 5493 Majorstuen | 0305 Oslo | Middelthunsgt 27, Majorstuen | nsr@nsr-org.no

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